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Exhibitors FAQs

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Exhibitor Services. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact 513-419-7317.

What equipment is included with your booth (tables, chairs, etc.)?

Please refer to you show contract. Show management will provide you with the information regarding what is included in your booth.

Will there be someone on-site to assist me with services ordered from the DECC (electric and utilities)?

There will be a representative at the service desk, located next to the decorator. They will be able to assist you with all needs regarding services ordered.

Where do I get a receipt for services ordered (electric & utilities)?

If the order was placed through our automated system, your receipt will be sent directly after the order has been placed. If paper form was emailed or faxed, a receipt will be sent to the email provided after the order is received and processed. Please note if paper form is utilized, time will vary. If another copy of the receipt is needed and/or you did not receive one, please email DECC-exhibitorservices@comcastspectacor.com. In the body of the email provide the event you will be attending or attended, booth number and company name.

Other than Electric, what utilities are available?

Non-electric utilities are only available in Exhibit Halls A, B & C. (Natural Gas available only in limited locations in exhibit halls)

Water Fill and Drain Service: Available for one-time filling of tanks, pools, and similar containers. Additional filling will be charged separately. Included draining is by gravity only; pump-out is not included. Pump-out using a submersible pump (15-20 GPM flow) is available.

Tanks, drums, barrels and other containers requiring water fill and drain exceeding 30-gallon capacity must be filled by house engineers and are subject to a service charge. We reserve the right to not fill any container that shows signs of leakage or is otherwise deemed inadequate by DECC Engineering personnel. Containers showing signs of leakage will be drained by a house engineer without prior notice.

Water containing coolant, oil, or other chemicals must be removed by the exhibitor from DECC in approved and properly labeled containers and is not allowed to be emptied into any DECC drains.

Water Connection: Connection to a continuous water supply is provided via ½” - ¾”hose from overhead in the exhibit halls. Connection fittings are standard GHT (Garden Hose) fittings. Normal delivery pressure is 45 – 60PSI. This service is available only in Exhibit Halls A, B & C. Drainage is not included and must be ordered separately if needed.

Drain Line: Drain lines are available in most areas of the exhibit halls and are provided via ½” – ¾” hose. Drain lines cannot be installed across aisles or doorways, so they may not be available at all booth locations. Please contact DECC Engineering before ordering this service.

Compressed Air Service: Compressed Air Service is provided via 3/8” hose drops from overhead in the exhibit halls. Normal delivery pressure is 90 – 105 PSI. Hose is equipped with 3/8” or 1/4” Quick Release Coupler. Adapters for other fittings are available.

Where applications require regulation of pressure, flow or moisture content, the exhibitor is responsible for supplying the necessary regulators, traps, separators, conditioner, etc.

Natural Gas Service: Natural Gas Service is available only in Exhibit Halls A & B at the high bay column lines. Special approval is required for installations and must be ordered at least 30 days in advance. Please contact DECC Engineering before ordering this service.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

  • If cancellation occurs before installation and more than 6 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day: 90% refund.
  • If cancellation occurs before installation and less than 6 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day: 75% refund.
  • If cancellation occurs after installation or after the start of the first scheduled move-in day: NO REFUND.
Do you provide Carpet?

Carpet is handled by the decorator. Please contact the decorator for carpet rental related questions.

Do you provide Carpet Cleaning?

Yes, the Duke Energy Convention Center is the exclusive carpet cleaning provider.

Is electric included in my booth?

Electric is not included in your booth unless indicated otherwise by show management. Please click here to order electric and other services.

What do I need if I just need standard electric?

The lowest amp we offer is 120 volt 5 amp (0-500 watts). This will be sufficient for laptop, iPad, and phone charging, inkjet printers, plugging in monitors and standard bulb lights. Some lights may require a higher amp. If you are unsure of your bulb requirements, check the label for wattage requirements.

How much does standard electric cost?

For our standard electric, 120 volt 5 amp, 21 days prior to the first day of show move-in, the advance price applies. Once it is within the 21 day deadline, the floor rate applies. You can find pricing for electrical requirements here.

Is electrical service charged on a daily basis?

No, it is charged per event.

What electric services are available and what do I need?

We provide 120/208 or 277/480 volts, 3 phase, 5 wire wye. Other voltages are not available unless step-up or step-down transformers are provided. Contact DECC Engineering for transformer availability. If an item plugs into a standard wall outlet found in a home or office (in North America), it will require 120 volt power. Other Voltages such as 208, 277 or 480 volt power are generally used for machinery or industrial devices and are ordered by single or 3 phase service.

How many outlets can I plug into?

There is one connection point per outlet or service ordered. Power strips can provide additional outlets, but do not provide additional power. The DECC has power strips for rent. You may also bring your own, but must have circuit protection. All services exceeding 120volt 20 amps cannot accommodate power strips.

Can I bring my own extension cord or power strip?

Yes, you may bring your own; however you must meet the standards of the building. Extension cords must be the lay-flat (grounded), 12 Gauge SPT3 type. Standard extension cords will not be allowed due to tripping hazards. All power strips must have circuit protection.

Can I run extension cords under the carpet myself?

Exhibitors are allowed to run cords under the carpet, subject to the following requirement:

  • Permission must be granted by DECC Engineering department prior to placing cords
  • The extension cords must be the lay-flat, 12 Gauge SPT3 type
  • No connections are allowed to be made under the carpet
  • Cords must be adequately secured with gaffer tape (No duct tape)
  • Inspection of the installation must be made by the DECC Engineering department before covering
When will my power be turned on?

Power is only guaranteed to be installed before the show opens. Power is normally ready the first day of move-in for exhibitors with advance orders, if we have all the required information. Any special requests such as temporary chain motor power, programming machinery or testing equipment should be noted to your order.

Do you require a booth layout form for all booths?

If you are an Island booth (no surrounding booths) a booth layout form is required. If you are a 10x10, it may not be necessary. Typically, if you are in a 10x10 booth electric is placed in the back of your booth. If you would like the electric placed in a specific spot, please fill out the booth layout form. *Please note all 208V, 480V, Air and Water lines must be provided from overhead drops. Only 120v circuits may be installed under carpet. If no layout is provided in advance, power will be installed in the location most convenient for DECC technicians.

Where do we send the booth layout form if we are an Island booth?

Please attach or fax a booth layout showing electrical locations and dimensions of your booth to DECC-exhibitorservices@comcastspectacor.com or 513-419-7327. This will allow us to place and have the electric ready prior to your arrival.

What if I need power at another location or have multiple power locations?

Exhibitors requiring power at any location other than a back wall must submit a detailed booth layout and order location labor. Service Placement Labor (flat fee per service point) is required for providing service to each location within a booth (under carpet or from overhead).

Where will power and other utilities come from for my location?

Can I wait until I am on-site to mark or show the locations of my electric?

Yes, however we strongly advise to provide the information prior to your arrival. This will save you a significant amount of money. We cannot guarantee we will be able to do installation immediately upon your arrival. Orders received in advance will be taken care of first. You also must schedule labor to be present during your move-in time to ensure someone will be able to assist you.