All of the onsite staff was exceptional! All of our staff could not compliment enough the friendly and professional demeanor of ALL the DECC members! Thank you!

National Sports Forum
How Ya Doin

Spectra, the management company for the Duke Energy Convention Center, initiates a company-wide customer service program called “How Ya Doin’?” (HYD). Our catch phrase encourages all of our employees to engage in conversation with customers to not only assist them and make their experience more enjoyable, but also for us to measure our performance. We truly believe in providing the best experience possible for event planners, exhibitors and attendees coming to an event as well as the promoter who produces it. Our HYD program has proven to be a valuable part of our success in managing facilities.

Our Approach:
We take a fun and easy approach to customer service, which begins with a simple question: “How Ya Doin’?”

Our Philosophy:
We go above and beyond to treat our customers the way they want to be treated. It’s about giving our customers the ultimate entertainment and service experience. It’s a way of measuring how we are performing as a company.

Spectra rewards its employees who excel in our customer service initiative with prizes and rewards. This recognition of employee excellence can come from both customers and other employees.