Our Event Manager was absolutely wonderful to work with! As a non-profit working to make a difference, we always hope to work with positive people and she was a pleasure! This year’s event was spectacular and we thank you for helping to make it that way!

Pink Ribbon Luncheon

INROADS Leadership Development Institute

Jul 19th - 21st 2018
INROADS Leadership Development Institute

In today’s ultra competitive job market, college students and new graduates alike are faced with the harsh reality that book smarts alone is simply not enough. Today’s new career seekers are finding that being equipped with business soft skills and other competencies amplifies their school training and competitively positions them for success in their future careers. That’s why for over forty five years, the INROADS success story has always been attributed to the rigorous leadership development and business soft skills that are afforded to all INROADS Interns.

Dates and Times

Thursday, Jul. 19
Friday, Jul. 20
Saturday, Jul. 21