The entire staff at the DECC is a pleasure to work with. From top leadership on down through the ranks, everyone works with an understanding of helping the client meet their needs. We appreciate everyone's work on the "home team" event and making us feel like you're an extrended part of our team. 



Package Fulfillment, Logistics and Delivery Expo North America 2022

Jul 13th - 14th 2022

Package Fulfillment, Logistics and Delivery Expo North America 2022

While many businesses came crashing to a halt in 2020 due to the disruption caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, the parcel fulfillment, logistics and delivery sector went into overdrive, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the world stayed connected. Parcel volumes in the US grew by nearly 40% in 2020, reaching 20 billion, with around 640 parcels shipped every second*. With parcel volumes forecast to double by 2026, the demand for innovative new technologies and solutions has never been greater. (*Pitney Bowes Shipping index)

This B2B expo (closed to the public) will focus exclusively on the future technologies, systems and services needed in the package and parcel journey from the supply chain, order picking and packing all the way through to final delivery and returns. Visitors are expected from across North America and will include decision makers and buyers from e-retailers, fulfillment companies, shippers, 3PLs, CPGs, grocery delivery firms, couriers, home delivery companies and postal services, among many others.