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Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference

Nov 17th - 19th 2017
Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference

Vision Statement 

To optimize movement and maximize participation of all individuals and their families. 

Mission Statement 

To engage learners in exemplary, innovative, evidence-based educational experiences to support the mission of APPT. 

Goals and Objectives: 

  1. Provide an educational forum to challenge pediatric physical therapists to transform practice, research, and education. 
  2. Deliver innovative, evidence-based knowledge, skills, and intervention strategies for translation to practice, research, and education. 
  3. Promote the health and wellness of participants and the individuals they serve. 
  4. Integrate pediatric physical therapy practices with other health care providers through professional development and networking opportunities.   
  5. Promote APPT to pediatric physical therapists with a focus on engaging students and new professionals. 

Dates and Times

Friday, Nov. 17
Saturday, Nov. 18
Sunday, Nov. 19